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28 Jan 2020 Management of Insect Vectored Virus Diseases in Pumpkins - Russell Groves, UW-Entomology
28 Jan 2020 Irrigation Management in Pumpkins - Yi Wang, UW-Horticulture
28 Jan 2020 Management of Tomato Diseases Common in High Tunnel Production - Amanda Gevens, UW-Plant Pathology
28 Jan 2020 A Beginner's Guide to Growing Giant Pumpkins - John Barlow, WI Giant Pumpkin Growers Assn.
28 Jan 2020 Wildlife Impacts & Crop Destruction - David Drake, UW-Forest and Wildlife Ecology
28 Jan 2020 Effective Disease Management Strategies for Cucurbits & Tomatoes - Mohammad Babadoost, University of Illinois Crop Sciences
27 Jan 2020 CBD Hemp -  Dylan Bruce, UW-Organic & Sustainable Cropping Systems
27 Jan 2020 Mechanical Cultivation for Vegetable Crops - Sam Hitchcock Tilton, Lakeshore Technical College
27 Jan 2020 Exotic and Invasive Pests that Affect Wisconsin Fresh Vegetable Production - Adrian Barta, WI DATCP
27 Jan 2020 How growers are covered by and comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule
27 Jan 2020 What Can Make my Operation Better Next Year? - WFMVGA Board Round Table
27 Jan 2020 WFMVGA Annual Meeting
27 Jan 2020 Improving Soil Health to Weather the Storms - Jamie Patton, NPM Program, UW-Madison
27 Jan 2020 Adaptive Pest Management -Forecasting Insect Population - Russell Groves, UW-Entomology
27 Jan 2020 Silent Auction
27 Jan 2020 Management of Phytophthora Crown and Fruit Rot in Cucurbits - Amanda Gevens, UW-Plant Pathology
26 Jan 2020 Growing and Selling Flowers and Bedding Plants Workshop-Tara Roberts-Turner & Jason Jacobs

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Wisconsin Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conference

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