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28 Jan 2020 How Can the Natural Reources Conservation Service Help You - Ryan Gerlich - NRCS Resource Conservationist
28 Jan 2020 Farmer Perceptions of Raspberry and Strawberry Production In Tunnels: Management and Marketing Implications - David Conner, University of Vermont - ZOOM
28 Jan 2020 Raspberry/ Blackberry Season Extension Using High Tunnels - Marvin Pritts, Cornell University - ZOOM
28 Jan 2020 Strawberry Season Extension Using Low Tunnels - Marvin Pritts, Cornell University - ZOOM
28 Jan 2020 How Do you Handle Pre-Picked or Pre-Orders and How Do You Price Your Berries - Open Grower Discussion
27 Jan 2020 Fundamentals of Bush Fruit Pruning: Blueberries, Gooseberries, Currants, Elderberries and Brambles - Brian Smith - UW-River Falls
27 Jan 2020 WBGA Annual Meeting
27 Jan 2020 Designing Your Own Marketing Materials using Canva.com - Julie Schoenberg, Creek Bed Country Farmacy; Danielle Clark, Mayberry Farms; and Laura Skelly, Skelly's Farm Market
27 Jan 2020 Using Simple Video Tools for Any Website and Social Media Platform - Don Stanley - UW-Life Sciences Communication
27 Jan 2020 Facebook and Instagram Stories - Don Stanley - UW-Life Sciences Communication
27 Jan 2020 Managing Japanese Beetle in Berry Crops - Christelle Guedot - UW-Entomology
27 Jan 2020 Managing Diseases and Fungicide Resistance in Midwest Blueberry and Strawberry Fields - Timothy Miles, Michigan State University - ZOOM
27 Jan 2020 Silent Auction
27 Jan 2020 Assessing Plastic and Biodegradable Mulches for Managing Spotted Wing Drosophila - Hanna McIntosh and Christelle Guedot
27 Jan 2020 Back to basics: How strawberry herbicides work in practical terms - Jed Colquhoun - UW-Horticulture

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